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We believe in giving people back their purpose and meaning.

welcome to the family
you are not alone. We are all in this together. You are part of something much bigger than yourself – the role you play has been yours since the beginning.

let the scars speak
furline is the girl line of fathom thirty-three. God is making you authentic. Real. Rubbing off your fake fur. Changing your outlook. Giving you new desires. Making you marvelous. Fulfilling what you were created for.

fro distribution
our fuel is your meaning and purpose. Our distribution is you! Spread the word, become a footsoldier today. Find out more.

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Latest News
songs of innocence The U for U2 stands for Universal - Its hard to believe that Apple as big as it is needed U2. Last week with the announcement of the iPhone 6, 6+ and the apple watch they ended the live presentation by giving away the new U2 album to a half a billion people. And none of them even saw it coming.
Dead Poetic, Vanus Empty Vanus Empty by Dead Poetic - But I knew she was beautiful, you're the ones with the flaws. Oh I knew she was beautiful she should of had this all.
Rest and Let Go, The Overseer Depraved by The Overseer - Our second installment of “furline” lyrics is by a hard-core band called The Overseer. This song isn’t as intense as their others, but again its no Taylor Swift song either. The lyrics alone mixed with the passion of the singing is what gives us the “chills down our spine” feeling. Not to mention the cover […]
Sin nature or nurture?
You got to watch what you eat and listen to music. Right @MothersMarkets and @FEEDtheMUSIC ? pic.twitter.com/wNQ1D5rEgW
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