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We believe in giving people back their purpose and meaning.

welcome to the family
you are not alone. We are all in this together. You are part of something much bigger than yourself – the role you play has been yours since the beginning.

let the scars speak
furline is the girl line of fathom thirty-three. God is making you authentic. Real. Rubbing off your fake fur. Changing your outlook. Giving you new desires. Making you marvelous. Fulfilling what you were created for.

fro distribution
our fuel is your meaning and purpose. Our distribution is you! Spread the word, become a footsoldier today. Find out more.

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Vheissu For Miles by Thrice - furline has a distinction about its brand, a distinction that falls in line with certain songs that get “us.” We will be showcasing what we call “furline” songs – songs about hope through the pain and songs of redemption. The questions that we ask as we offer these songs up is that you in return […]
Attachment-1 The Relationship - Everyone has the things they love – the things that make us “us.” Sometimes we feel that without those “things” we wouldn’t be us. It’s a fine line between realizing we have have certain tastes and letting those things define who we are. This by far is the biggest challenge in our culture because as […]
slide_3 Blindsided By Pain - We’ve all been in a place that causes pain in some form or another. Your pain might seem heavier than the examples or it may seem less, but regardless the pain is there, nagging like a thorn in the side.
"we don't need to cheat because we already won." - P.O.D
Double kite flight height in the Large Angel design in royal blue. Perfect moments call for it. fb.me/6KVuiuzP3
Double kite flight height in the Large Angel design in royal blue. Perfect moments call for it. instagram.com/p/sbQSNgF2pO/
a new series of blog posts by furline looking at songs that help define what we are talking about. First blog... fb.me/315eDc0RR